Novel C Opens Office at One Eleven Congress in Austin


Situated in the heart of Austin's financial district, the Novel C Corporation has opened an office at One Eleven Congress. Located within the same building as Merrill Lynch and Wells Fargo, it is also within walking distance to Charles Schwab (brokerage provider). The location at One Eleven Congress provides a state of the art facility in a vibrant environment downtown. 

From Cousins Properties: 

"An Austin icon since 1987, the downtown skyline isnít complete without the stair-stepped blue neon of One Eleven Congress. As downtown continues to thrive, Cousins Properties saw the opportunity to reinvent One Eleven..."  (Link)




The Harnessing of Market Momentum


Following the US Securities Markets since 2004, the Novel C Corporation has researched and traded over a decade of market conditions.

Deploying proprietary trading systems, the Novel C Corporation seeks to turn market momentum into profit on a scalable and multi-time frame basis.


*Capital traded is privately-owned

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